Brinn wins gold at the 2018 British Championships

Brinn is new British gymnastics champion

Brinn Bevan was crowned the new senior British All-Around Champion at the 2018 Gymnastics British Championship on Saturday.

"It is a great feeling to be British champion," said Bevan. "The last year has been really difficult coming back from injury, so for it all to come together on Saturday and prove the point that I am back was great. It wasn't just winning the competition, it was everything else that came with it - I am back to where I used to be, if not even further ahead and better than where I was.

"The highlight of my competition was the floor routine, which was my last apparatus. Going into it I had worked out the scores and knew what I needed and that built up an enormous amount of pressure because I knew I couldn't afford any falls or any mistakes, so to nail the routine all of the emotion just erupted.

"It has given me a bit of confidence and proved I can nail my routines and get good scores and hopefully this weekend in Germany I will show where I stand against the World stage again.

"The next majors are the European and World Championships so I want to make those teams and then medal at them and do that again over the next couple of years leading up to the Olympics to keep myself on track heading into Tokyo."

Tough times don't last, tough people do!

2014 I fractured my back. 2016 I broke my leg - just weeks before the Olympic Games.

Overcoming such negative setbacks made me stronger both physically and mentally; this has molded me into the person I am today.

Tough times don't last, tough people do!
A moment that will always stick with me

A moment that will always stick with me

When I was eight years old, one of my older team mates Danny Lawrence visited my Primary School to talk about and demonstrate Gymnastics.

All my class mates were intrigued and fascinated how he did what he did, but all I could think about was how do I become better than him, how do I beat him?